I am an amateur photographer. My main subjects are my two cats Hina and Maui. Hina is a female American Shorthair Silver Tabby and was born on June 4, 2009. Maui is a male Silver Egyptian Mau and was born on April 29, 2011.They are both pedigree cats and are loved dearly.

This website is dedicated to Hina and Maui and the photographs I have taken of them throughout the time since their arrival to our home. I have uploaded pictures of Hina and Maui together, Hina alone and Maui alone. It is a very simple website, full of pictures put together by Java Script and J-query with a link to our FaceBook page on the top page. Please press the “like” button and send a friend request or contact me personally.

Thank you for taking the time out to view my pictures of Hina and Maui. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.





このホームページはうちに連れてきてから、現在に至るまでのヒナとマウイの記録写真集です。写真は順番に、ヒナとマウイが一緒にとられているリンク、ヒナのみのリンク、マウイのみのリンクとなっています。至って簡単なホームページです。写真はJAVA スクリプトとJ-queryを使ってアップロードしております。トップページにはフェイス・ブックへのリンクがありますので、「いいね」をおして、友達リクエストを送るか、こちらで直接コンタクトをとってください。